marilyn7rose asked: that's nice. i gave up chocolate for lent :) and actally it counts like it ended yesterday but i'll keep this going 'til sunday!

haha, nice!
i wonder how many chocolate bunnies you smashed on easter lol

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Good to be back(:

i hope everyone had a wonderful easter.
God i sure missed Tumblr haha

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I should have probably told you guys I gave up Tumblr for Lent.
GUYS THIS IS HARD!! I miss you guys

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Purple hippos!

I’m so sorry.
Due to all the homework I’m getting at school and the 3 jobs im working I’ve had no time to even tumblr on my personal blog, let alone this blog :/
I’ll be posting more wonderful images in a month. Or when I have time (ha!).
Until then I’ll still be accepting submissions(:

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